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I’m Sabri Hakuli, a User Interface and User Experience Designer based in Kosovo.
I build clean, appealing, and functional interfaces that comply with the latest standards. But that’s just a part of it.

How I leverage design as a business tool

01. Understand

The first step in any project is to get a better understanding of the client, before I start with any project I will be in tune with two things: the user and the brand. We will identify the problems that users are facing, once we identify the problems we can start working towards into solution, the second part is to understand the brand, how the brand align with our project.

02. Research

After I know the questions that I was trying to solve, I start with research. User research is going to be the life blood of your project. The things I discover and unearth during this stage lays the foundation for how your entire project will turn out. In this phase usually I start with sitemaps, user flows and other low fidelity designs.

03. Design

While beautiful UI designs can be subjective depending on the viewer, I enjoy the challenge of creating universally beautiful designs that also leverage micro-interactions. With visual design and prototyping, I get a chance to delight the user aesthetics and motion.

04. Launch

After designing and redesigning until you go cross eyed, you’re going to reach a point where all your assets are ready to ship.

To shortly introduce myself, I have worked in the IT and Graphic Design industry for the past 6 years. I started as IT Support in a small company in my City, continuing as Sales Man at another company. At the time I started coding but I was lacking the ability to design and share my ideas with the world. Then I began to teach myself how to design so that I could empower myself to not only build, but to also establish a healthy relationship between myself and engineers when working on a project together.

Today, I focus my energy on learning as much as possible while maintaining a healthy balance between design, communication and front-end development. Having the ability to make a difference by building products that help people live a better life is magic.

I am Ready for a Challengig Project

Send your brief and tell your project too. I am ready to help all you need

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