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Jonsohn Restaurant

Who and What?

Johnson is a restaurant with a serious and luxurious tone of voice. According to the old website they want to express the “carefully food preparation ” and that they are specialized in Pasta and high quality of fresh fish and meat certified by ISO 9000 and HACCP and also the vegetables that they take directly from the small farms.

The main target on the website will have online scheduling (reservations) for guests. It will include restaurants and meeting rooms. Also on the website, there will be the menu of the restaurant where the users can preorder the food that they want to eat.

We will build a functional website that the users who will enter the website will have a good and clear experience shielding and ordering in the restaurant.

Sitemap & Userflow

The hierarchical sitemap and userflow shows the pages which need to be on the website and how a user should order on the website

Style guide

A styleguide where we visualize necessary details related to the website.

Visual Design

The visual design of pages

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